Laser Distance Meter for Distance Measurement


Description for ERP: Laser distance meter, Model no. VAC-D810
Distance measuring range: 0.05 – 200 m with ± 1.00 mm
Inclination measuring range: 360° with ± 0.1°
Resolution: 0.1mm
Measurement unit: Meter, ft, in
Battery: 5 V (output voltage), 3.7 V (rated voltage)
Charging time: 4h
Measurements per battery set: approx 4000
Weight: 0.238 kg (excluding the package)

Laser distance meter for distance measurement

Laser distance meter is an advanced form of a measuring device which comes with a touch screen which helps in the measurement by moving the arrows within, an integrated camera which enables displaying the dimensions of a particular object through the picture taken and picture documentation transferred to a laptop or a PC via USB cables (picture resolution of 800 x 600 pixels). The device is protected with an IP54 protection class enabling it to be a device largely used on construction sites.


  1. The device is used for measuring horizontal distances past obstacles

  2. It is used for measuring inclined distances.

  3. It is used for precise, accurate and easy measurement of objects.

  4. The laser distance meter D810 is used for displaying the dimensions of the object by capturing the image of the same.

  5. It is used for documenting both the image and the values of a particular project.

  6. The device is used for the transmission of the recorded data to the computers.

  7. It is used for height profile measurements.

  8. It is used for measuring objects even under harsh light conditions, unlike the conventional equipment.

  9. The device is also used for long-range measurements under unfavourable conditions up to the distance of 80m.

  10. It is used for both area and volume calculations.

  11. The equipment is easily reliable for the determination of dimensions of tilted objects.

  12. It is used for sketching floor plans using the free app- Leica Disto™ sketch.

  13. It is used for the storage of previously measured data.

  14. The device is used for long-duration project works.

  15. It is mainly used in the construction sites due to its adaptability to the surrounding conditions.

  16. It is easily usable in harsh environments as the device is constructed with an IP54 protection class.

  17. It is used for the determination of area, volume, inclination in various measuring units provided.

  18. The device is used for the calculation of partial area measurements.

  19. It is used for the non-stop measuring calculations including subtraction, addition etc.

  20. It is used for measuring corners, grooves, edges which are usually difficult with conventional measuring methods.

  21. The device is used for indirect measurements as well.

  22. The laser distance meter is applicable to all kinds of measuring surfaces and depicts the dimensions of any objects.


  1. The laser distance meter D810 has a touch screen function enabling it to obtain the precise value by swiping on the screen rather than setting target points of the object and for simple function selections.

  2. It has an integrated overview camera system.

  3. The device enables the documentation of both the image of the object taken (800 x 600 pixels) and the dimensional values of the same.

  4. It has a USB port for the transmission of the document to the computers for further works.

  5. The equipment has a digital 4xZoom display for accurate measurement during harsh light conditions.

  6. It has a long-range measuring capacity of about 100m without and 200m with a fixed target.

  7. The device contains power range technology.

  8. It displays both the maximum and minimum values.

  9. It has various function selection features for accurate and required measurement.

  10. It has a painter function feature for the determination of partial area measurements.

  11. The device has a trapezoidal measurement function.

  12. It has Bluetooth data transfer units and navigation keys for the same.

  13. The device has a display illumination feature for a better view of the results during harsh lighting environments.

  14. It has a multifunctional end piece.

  15. The device is inbuilt with a compass function.

  16. The equipment is provided with Leica Disto sketch- free app for iOs/Android.

  17. It has features programmed for obtaining the photo surface area.

  18. The device allows the user to personal favourites any data recorded.

  19. It has a gallery folder alone for the documentation of the images taken.

  20. The device has a long-range mode for determining the measurement of faraway objects.


  1. The measuring range of the device should be from 0.05 – 200 m with an accuracy of ±1.00mm.

  2. The inclination measuring range of the laser distance meter should be of 360° provided with an accuracy of 0.2°.

  3. The device consists of a 360° tilt sensor.

  4. The equipment is more of an image-based measuring device.

  5. It includes an integrated camera.

  6. The device has a keyboard mode for the easy and error-free transmission of the data.

  7. It should be an IP54 protection class construction.

  8. The equipment material is made of plastic.

  9. The range programmed for the device for unfavourable conditions is 80m.

  10. The Ø of the laser point ranges from 6 to 60m for measurement distances ranging from 10 to 100m

  11. The laser distance meter is proposed of laser class 2.

  12. The device has a memory recall storage of 30 displays with internal flash memory.

  13. The device is inbuilt with Bluetooth facility.

  14. The measurement data stored per battery set is approximately 4000

  15. The operational temperature of the equipment is -10 to 50℃,

  16. The temperature range for the storage of the laser distance meter is -25 to 70℃.

  17. Laser distance meter is of the dimension 164 x 61 x 31 mm.

  18. The device is of lightweight (0.238 kg) for the handy usage.

  19. The resolution of photos taken should be 900 x 800 dpi.

  20. The resolution of screenshots should be 240 x 400 dpi

  21. The file format of the documented work should be JPG.

  22. The device control panel must include push buttons and touch accessibility.

  23. The device must consist of Bluetooth and USB interfaces.

  24. It must contain an inbuilt optional software.

  25. The full charging time of the device should be 4 hours.

  26. The package of the equipment must consist of USB charger incl. 4 plugs, software, batteries and an operating manual.

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