HR-E® model no [VAC- HR-E®]
Temperature Range -40 to 140 °F


It provides a high-resolution 8-digit reading using light-emitting diode technology. It provides leak detection and other critical information to help utilities manage their water. It uses the industry-standard communication protocol to provide encoded output. It does not require programming or setting adjustments during installation or wire repair. It has a unique sealing process that eliminates gaskets. These encoders can withstand harsh environments like flooded pits.  

Applications of HR-E® model no [VAC- HR-E®]

  1. It can be used in facility or property management

  2. It can be used in irrigation

  3. It can be used in water distribution

 Features of the HR-E® model no [VAC- HR-E®]

  1. It has high-resolution 8-digit encoded output for AMR/AMI applications

  2. It has a frictionless, non-contact wheel position encoding

  3. It used industry-standard communication protocol and proven light-emitting diode(LED) technology

  4. It has U.S Pat. Nos. 6928728 and 8015020

Specifications of HR-E® model no [VAC- HR-E®]

  • Its working temperature range is  -40 to 140 °F

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