High Cycle


High Cycle model no [VAC- High- Cycle]


High-cycle vibrator heads are available in 1600 pound rotor sizes at 10,800 vibrations per minute. The unit is adjustable with the use of Select-Cycle converters. Wyco high-cycle vibrators include a 25-foot power cable whose hose lengths are from 6 to 30 feet long and a sealed switch design for deep pours. They are available in 2 inch round head and 2-3/8 inch square head sizes. Wyco high-cycle vibrators are designed to properly operate difficult performance-based concrete mixes. It produces uniform results by maintaining constant speed under variable loads. It minimizes equipment needed on site with its compatibility with 230 Volt AC, 3-phase, high-cycle generators and select-cycle converters. It ensures proper consolidation by creating a powerful force. It helps to finish the job faster because of its large surface area

Applications of High Cycle model no [VAC- High- Cycle]

  1. It can be used in concrete finishing

Features of High Cycle model no [VAC- High- Cycle]

  1. It creates powerful force for consolidation

  2. It is compatible with 230 Volt, 3-phase high cycle generators

  3. It has large head size for high volume areas

  4. It has 25' power cord, custom available

  5. It maintains uniform speed/frequency under load

  6. It has square Head performance standard

  7. It has multi-speed capability when used with Select-Cycle converter box

  8. It is of durable construction

  9. It is backed by Wyco guarantee

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