FC-5000 BTU Monitor


340N2 Series Metasys Btu Transmitter model no [VAC- 340N2- Series- Metasys -Btu -Transmitter]

Temperature Range -20 to 158 °F


          The FC-5000 BTU Monitor is a microprocessor-driven device that is designed for energy (BTU) and flow monitoring. The FC-5000 BTU Monitor is compatible with the complete line of Badger Meter industrial flow meters and temperature sensors, creating a solution to monitor hydronic energy usage, flow rates and totals. The FC-5000 BTU Monitor accepts passive or active signal outputs. The input circuit supports low and high frequency (0.5 to 3500 Hz) flow meters. A 12V DC excitation terminal is available for flow meter sensors that require power. The FC-5000 BTU Monitor control inputs allow the functions like Unlatch Relays , Reset Totalizers , Unlatch Relays and Reset Totalizers.

          Applications of FC-5000 BTU Monitor model no [VAC- FC-5000- BTU -Monitor]

          1.  It can be used in Residential, Commercial, or Industrial HVAC Sub-metering Systems

          2.  It can be used in a thermal transfer system

          3.  It can be used in building automation

           Features of FC-5000 BTU Monitor model no [VAC- FC-5000- BTU -Monitor]

          1. It has a large backlit graphical display

          2. It has a sensor data display screen

          3. It has integrated softkeys and a full numerical keypad

          4. It has plug and play terminals

          5. It has a user-programmable relay configuration

          6. It has user-programmable scaled outputs

          7. It has a robust enclosure, keypad, and mechanical relays

          Specifications of FC-5000 BTU Monitor model no [VAC- FC-5000- BTU –Monitor]

          • Its working temperature range is 32 to 130 °F

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