Dispenser Controllers


Dispenser Controllers model no [VAC- Dispenser -Controllers]


              It can accurately control up to 4 admixes using automatic or manual operation in a choice of three batch pre-set modes: total ounces, ounces per CWT, or ounces per yard. Its other capabilities include sequence discharging and line empty notification. The Model DP-10 Probe Amplifier has been designed to interface admixture systems into automated batching panels. It provides you with L.E.D. indicators when probes are covered. It can be used with single or dual probes with probe sensitivity adjustment.

              Applications of Dispenser Controllers model no [VAC- Dispenser -Controllers]

              1. It can be used in concrete production

              Features of Dispenser Controllers model no [VAC- Dispenser -Controllers]

              1. It has ACE-151 that includes remote operation, timed discharge, and discharge delay

              2. It can specify either U.S or metric standards

              3. It is NEMA 4x rated

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