VSKU: 1033000001

formula: 4x4
Two electric drives of 110 W each Side turn
Removable battery pack
Pipe Slope Measurement Sensor Pressure sensor
Pipe angle sensor Robot roll angle sensor
Built-in bluetooth module Integrated Video Recorder
Housing - Corrosion Resistant Steel Wheelbase: 240 mm
Overall dimensions (no more): length - 360 mm, width - 120 mm, height - 140 mm (without battery pack) Degree of protection: IP68
Integrated FullHD front camera with LED backlight Integrated FullHD rear camera with LED backlight Sapphire Safety Glasses
Wheel D93 mm - cast, with tread, for pipes with a diameter of 200 mm and more - 4 pcs. 210 mm pneumatic is better Mounting larger diameter wheels on top of small diameter wheels
Possibility of boosting with dry air / nitrogen