CO Sensor and NO2 Sensor Set


1. ADT Series CO Sensor
Carbon Monoxide CO Transmitter ADTX3 1110
Electrochemical Cell,
24V, (0)-4-20mA, 0(2)-10V,
Plastic Housing 94*130*57mm IP65
Measuring Range:0-300ppm
(!!!Only in Combination with "BUS-mode"-->+Tool-Addressing),

Output: Analog (0/4-20mA / 0/2-10V), without Analog Input,
without Relay, without buzzer, without heater, without LCD-Display.

2. GS-S-ND10
The GS-S-ND10 series of wall mounting Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor 0 to 10ppm
GS-S-ND10 t90 (s) from zero to 10ppm NO2 <60
Output 4-20mA
Supply voltage 10 to 30Vdc

9 Sensors Each NO2 and CO

3. Sensors Replacement - Installation, Commissioning and Testing