AGC Map-Pak O2 Meter

VSKU: 1014000060

AGC Map-Pak O2 Meter
To measure %Oxygen (O2) in a food pack

The lightweight and portable handheld analyser that gives a fast and accurate Oxygen (O2) sample measurement from the contents of gas flushed food packages. Results can be downloaded to a computer or stored in the device. Alternatively, a
a separate, low-cost portable printer is available.

Needles (5 off), Septa (100 off), Particle Filters (2 off),
Needle Probe (1 off), Carry Case (1 off)*, User Manual (1 off),
Rechargeable Batteries (4 off) Mains Adapter (1 off), USB Cable (1 off),
MP Downloader Software (1 off) and Calibration Certificate (1 off).