4050 Flow Computers


4050 flow computer model no [VAC- 4050 –flow- computer]


In a 4050 flow computer, a hand-held remote or front panel keypad is used to select mass or flow rate. It has user-friendly data entry and setup facilities.RS485 interface is used by the 4050 flow computer for programming or reprogramming data and setup. It can accept up to three meters, correct for temperature changes, and produce a usable output in any flow unit. This computer is programmed to meet your individual requirements. Software is available or is written whenever it is required. 4050 flow computer comes in a standard form with a frequency input card, an analog input card, a relay card, and a communication card. Other options are also available and can be contacted by the distributor.

Applications of 4050 flow computer model no [VAC –4050- flow- computer]

  1. It can be used in test equipment and services.

  2. It can be used in aviation and aerospace industries.

  3. It can be used in inventory management.

Features of 4050 flow computer model no [VAC-4050 -flow -computer]

  1. It can monitor up to three independent flow sensors.

  2. It provides automatic switching for manifold applications.

  3. It can select mass or flow rate display via unique hand-held remote or front panel key pad.

  4. It provides temperature compensation with RTD input.

  5. It offers RS485 communications port for PC interface

  6. It provides user friendly data entry and setup

  7. It can program or reprogram calibration data and unit setup via the RS485 interface

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