330 Series Relay Transmitter


330 Series Relay Transmitter model no [VAC- 330 Series- Relay -Transmitter]

Temperature Range -20 to 158 °F


It is a compact, programmable relay control capable of converting the signal from a Badger Meter flow sensor into a flow switch. The Model 330 is programmed with a Windows® based computer program with an onboard microcontroller and digital circuit. It eliminates the need to set dip switches or potentiometers and produces precise, accurate, and drift-free control of the relay outputs. In addition to accepting the Badger Meter square wave signal, the Model 330 can accept other pulse and sine wave inputs.
The compact cast epoxy body measures 1.75” (44 mm) x 2.75”(70 mm) x 1.5” (38 mm) and can easily be mounted to panels, DIN rails, or enclosures. With multiple inputs, ease of use, and a variety of enclosures, the Model 330 is a powerful, competitively priced relay control.

Applications of 330 Series Relay Transmitter model no [VAC- 330 Series- Relay -Transmitter]

  1. It can be used in irrigation

  2. It can be used in a process or industrial

  3. It can be used in building automation/HVAC

Features of 330 Series Relay Transmitter model no [VAC- 330 Series- Relay -Transmitter]

  1. It has relay output which is a pair of single-pole relays, one normally open and one normally closed; both relays act in unison to the programmed parameters

  2. It has a remote reset which allows all the control parameters to be reset by an external signal

  3. It has a selectable alarm type which may be programmed as a high flow alarm or as a low flow alarm

  4. It has an adjustable headband that prevents relay chatter and control cycling

  5. It has programmable time delays which provide a time delay between crossing the set or release point and energizing or de-energizing the relay

  6. It allows surges in the flow to dampen out before the control circuit reacts

  7. It has a latch feature which maintains the relays in the energized state even when the alarm condition has been satisfied until manually reset

  8. It has programmable set and release points in which the setpoint is programmed independently from the release point

Specifications of 330 Series Relay Transmitter model no [VAC- 330 Series- Relay -Transmitter]

Its working temperature range is -20 to 158 °F

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