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Pitot Tube Anemometer for Calculating Dynamic Air Pressure.

Pitot Tube Anemometer for Calculating Dynamic Air Pressure.

Description for ERP: Pitot tube anemometer, Model no. VAC-TA400
Air flow rate measuring rang: 1 – 80 m/s, 2.24 – 178.66 mph, 3.6 – 288 km/h, 2 – 154.66 kn, 200 –15733 ft/min.
Air volume flow measuring range: 0 – 99,999 ft 3 /min
Air temperature measuring range: 0 - 50℃
Power: 1 x 9V
Weight: 0.54 kg



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    Pitot tube Anemometer for Calculating Dynamic Air Pressure

    Pitot tube anemometer is a device used for the calculation of air velocity, air temperature, volumetric airflow and dynamic air pressure. The anemometer is an advanced equipment with a pitot probe for precise measurements of the required functions at remote locations. With a wide range of measuring airflow rate, temperature, volume and pressure, the device is suited for extremely rough surroundings. With internal memory storage, USB port, advanced signal processing and software for real-time measurement readings and calibration certificate, ensure the professional orientation for obtaining precise results even at high demand.


    1. The device is used for measuring a higher range of air velocity.

    2. It is used for the determination of air temperature.

    3. The device is used for the measurement of the volumetric flow of air.

    4. It is used for the determination of dynamic air pressure.

    5. The device is used for obtaining precise and quick results of the required functions.

    6. It is used for measuring the air velocity in air ducts irrespective of its cross-sections.

    7. The device is used for obtaining results in under poor light conditions.

    8. The dynamic air pressure function is used for determining differential and dynamic pressure.

    9. It is used for obtaining measurements of both high flow air rates and dusty air.

    10. It is suited best for measurements in rough surroundings.

    11. It is used for air current control in ventilation ducts.

    12. It is used for measuring air in areas of air conditioning and ventilation.

    13. The pressure measuring capacity enables the device to be used in air conditioning systems for filter status measurements.

    14. The device is used for differential pressure measurements in gas-fired boilers.

    15. The device is best suited for pressure control in sealed off zones with overpressure or under pressure atmospheres.

    16. The device is used for measurements in areas contaminated with mould.

    17. It is used for storage of the measured data and transferring of the same for advanced works.


    1. The anemometer consists of a dynamic pressure probe (pitot tube).

    2. It has a clearly visible LCD display with background illumination for visible reading at any kind of lighting conditions.

    3. The LCD has a dual indication of measured values.

    4. It has a zero rest function for precise measurements.

    5. It allows the determination of maximum and minimum values.

    6. The device consists of a hold function.

    7. The device holds a calibration certificate emphasizing the professional orientation of the anemometer.

    8. It has an automatic switch-off provision in which the device turns itself off after a few seconds when not in use.

    9. The device is of the dimension 210 x 75 x 50 mm.

    10. The device is light in weight weighing 0.54 kg.

    11. The device determines the results for air velocity, air temperature, air pressure and volumetric flow of air.

    12. It has two silicone connecting hoses of length 85cm.

    13. The device is equipped with a USB cable and a software CD.

    14. The housing design is of plastic


    1. The airflow rate is calculated at different measuring ranges for different measuring units selected.

    2. The device must have a large LCD for the clear display of the measured values.

    3. There must be background illumination for comfortable reading.

    4. The device must contain an internal battery of 1 x 9V.

    5. The device must be operated at a surrounding condition ranging from 0- 50 ℃.

    6. The device must have a USB interface.

    7. The device must have a monochromic display.

    8. The package must consist of measuring device, dynamic pressure probe (pitot tube), hardshell case, connection hoses, USB connection cable, batteries and an operating manual.

    9. The device should have internal sensors for the determination of airflow rate at the required measuring units, air temperature measured at ℃/F, air pressure and air volume flow.

    10. The airflow rate measuring units are m/s, km/h, ft/min, mph, knots.

    11. The air temperature is measured at ℃/F.

    12. The air volume flows are measured at m 3 /min, ft 3 /min.

    13. The air pressure is measured at mbar, mmH2O, PSI, inH2O, Pa.

    We supply these pitot tube anemometers for velocity, temperature, volumetric flow and pressure of airflow measurements in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and other European countries. Also, we supply these pitot tube anemometers for determination of speed, temperatures, volume and pressure of air in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, etc. 
    Our African offices supply these pitot tube anemometers for dynamic air pressure measurements across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.
    Our Middle East offices supply anemometers for dynamic air pressure measurements these in the United Arab Emirates,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Erbil, Jordan, etc.
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