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Particle Counter for Air Quality Monitoring

Particle Counter for Air Quality Monitoring

Description for ERP: Particle counter, model no.VAC-PC220.
Particle measuring range: 0 - 2000µg/m
Number of channels: 6
HCHO formaldehyde measuring range: 0.01 – 5 ppm
Resolution: 1ppm
Carbon monoxide measuring range: 10 – 1000 ppm
Resolution: 1ppm
Air temperature measuring range: 0 - 50℃
Relative humidity measuring range: 0 – 100%
Dew point temperature measuring range: 0 - 50℃
Wet-bulb temperature measuring range: 0 - 80℃
Memory: 5000 data records
Battery type: Polymer LI-ION
Weight: 0.435kg



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    Particle Counter for Air Quality Monitoring

    The particle counter with an ISO 21501-4 conformity is advanced equipment used for particle concentration, gas detection. Through 6 different sized channels, the indoor air purity is measured and the concentration of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide is also measured. The device with a 2.8 inch LCD display is equipped with an integrated camera for the documentation of the values and also has an external additional memory up to 16GB over the internal memory of 5000 recorded datas. With high sensitivity for producing accurate measured results, the device is used for ensuring better health for the inhabitants in workplaces etc.


    1. The device is used for obtaining wet-bulb temperature.

    2. It is used for measuring the dew point temperature.

    3. It is used for measuring indoor air temperatures.

    4. The device is used for relative humidity measurements.

    5. It is used for particle concentration measurements.

    6. It is used for the detection of formaldehyde in the indoor atmosphere.

    7. It is used for obtaining the concentration of carbon monoxide.

    8. The device is used for air quality monitoring of workspaces.

    9. It is used for ensuring better respiratory and health conditions for the inhabitants.

    10. It is used for detecting any fall in the required air conditions.

    11. It is used in industries for preventing pollution.

    12. The device is used in recording datas in real time and date.

    13. It is used in paint manufacturing industries.

    14. It is used in commercial homes.

    15. It is used in textile industries.

    16. It is used for assessing the air quality of a closed room or abandoned workspace.

    17. It is used as a quantitative concentration determination of E dust and A dust in a room.

    18. It is used for measuring particle purity of the air with 6 particle sizes.


    1. It has a ¼ inch tripod thread.

    2. The device has a backlit display.

    3. It has a 2.8 inch LCD colour display.

    4. The device displays both maximum and minimum values.

    5. It has a hold function.

    6. The device has a calibration function.

    7. It has a visual alarm feature.

    8. It has an acoustic alarm function.

    9. The device has a feature for automatic switch-off of the display.

    10. It has an integrated camera.

    11. The device has features for photo recording.

    12. It has video recording features.

    13. It has reversible time weighting.

    14. The device has features for turning itself off when not in use.

    15. It has features for language selection.

    16. The temperature measurements can be measured in either ℃/F.

    17. It has features for displaying the average value.

    18. The housing design is plastic.

    19. It has a USB interface for data transmission.

    20. It has 6 channels for particle concentration measurement.

    21. It has features for measuring the concentration of formaldehyde.

    22. It can measure the amount of carbon monoxide.

    23. It measures the wet bulb temperature for a wide range.

    24. The device measures the dew point temperature of the room.

    25. The device has a data logger function for storing recorded values.

    26. It has provisions for inserting external additional memory storage.


    1. The device has 6 numbers of channels.

    2. The channel duct sizes are 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5 and 10µm.

    3. The counting modes are cumulative and differential.

    4. The efficiency of counting is 5% at 0.3µm and 100% for particles > 0.45µm.

    5. The flow rate of 2.83l/min is controlled by an internal pump.

    6. The device has a coincidence loss of 5%, 2 million particles per ft 3 .

    7. The detector type is of scattered light measurement.

    8. The sample inlet is an isokinetic probe.

    9. The particle mass conversion is 2.5 and 10µm.

    10. The resolution for particle mass conversion is 1.

    11. The range of particle concentration measuring is 0 - 2000µg/m 3 .

    12. Formaldehyde is measured for a range of 0.01 to 5 ppm.

    13. It has an accuracy of 5% and a resolution of 1 ppm.

    14. Carbon monoxide content is measured for a range of 10 – 1000 ppm.

    15. It has an accuracy of 5% and a resolution of 1 ppm.

    16. Air temperature is measured for a range of 0- 50℃ and 32 to 122F.

    17. The relative humidity is measured for a range of 0 – 100%.

    18. Dew point temperature is measured for a range of 0 -50℃ and 32 – 122F.

    19. Wet-bulb temperature is measured for a range of 0 to 80℃ and 32 to 176 F.

    20. The device has an internal flash memory of 5000 recorded datas.

    21. It has an external memory provision of up to 16 GB.

    22. The photo storage format is of JPEG (640 x 480).

    23. The video storage format is of 3GP (320 x 240).

    24. The power is supplied through an internal battery of a polymer LI-ION battery and type or a power adapter.

    25. The operating time of the device is approximately 4 hours of continuous operation.

    26. The device needs to be charged for an approximate time of 2 hours with a connected AC adapter.

    27. The device must be operated in a surrounding condition ranging from 0 - 50℃.

    28. The maximum relative humidity for operating the device is 80%.

    29. The storage temperature ranges from -10 to 60℃.

    30. The package must consist of a measuring device, battery, charger, zero filters with connection hose, mini tripod, transport case, USB cable, software and an operating manual.

    31. The device directly converts and displays the concentration of inhalable and alveolar dust fractions contained in the room.

    32. The device weighs 0.435 kg.

    We supply these particle counters for air quality control in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain,Switzerland, Sweden, and other European countries. Also, we supply these particle counters for room condition and particle concentration measurement in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, etc.

    Our African offices supply these particle counters for formaldehyde and carbon monoxide detection across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.

    Our Middle East offices supply these particle counters for room climate measurements and gas detections in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Erbil, Jordan, etc.

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