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Model SSM Venturi Nozzle Flow Meter

Model SSM Venturi Nozzle Flow Meter

Model SSM Venturi Nozzle Flow Meter model no [VAC- Model SSM -Venturi –Nozzle- Flow Meter]

Size 1/2 to 60 in.
Temperature Range Up to 1500 °F
Flow Range 0.25 to 825,000 gpm
Pressure Range Up to 9,000 PSI
Accuracy (uncalibrated) ±1 %, (calibrated) ±0.5 %



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    The Venturi Model SSM is a Venturi Nozzle design differential pressure flow device. The Preso Hydraulic pure static design utilizes the classical ASME and ISO standards for the highest accuracy, predictability, and repeatability. The flow conditioning that is generated by the unique hydraulic shape provides an extremely stable signal in a wide range of flows. Its inlet section is cylindrical with a pressure sensing tap as the same diameter as the incoming pipe section. The tap which is followed by a precise radial section causes a uniform change in fluid velocity. The cylindrical throat section with a pressure sensing tap has a straight section of a minimum 0.5d and the exit cone has a precise angle in order to prevent a permanent pressure loss that does not exceed 10% of the generated differential pressure. The beta ratio is determined by the manufacturer and the discharge coefficient (Cd) is linear and stable in the operating flow range and has a value above 0.90. This is achieved by following the ASME and/or ISO 5167 standards.

    Applications of Model SSM Venturi Nozzle Flow Meter model no [VAC- Model SSM -Venturi –Nozzle- Flow Meter]

    1. It can be used in a process or industrial

    2. It can be used in building automation

    3. It can be used in HVAC

    Features of Model SSL Venturi Classic Flow Meter model no [VAC- Model- SSL Venturi- Classic -Flow Meter]

    1. It provides longevity, reliability, and long term performance

    2. It provides an un-calibrated accuracy of ±1%(±0.5% calibrated) with repeatability of ±0.1%

    3. It is designed in accordance with ASME and ISO standards and it offers the highest accuracy

    4. It reduces pumping costs

    5. It has standard and unique alloys

    6. It is a durable solution for liquids, gas, stream, and mixed media

    7. It can be easily installed in any position with minimal straight pipe requirements(5 pipe diameters upstream and 2 diameters downstream)

    8. It is also known as “classical” or Herschel”

    9. It has optional RTD

    Specifications of Model SSM Venturi Nozzle Flow Meter model no [VAC- Model SSM -Venturi –Nozzle- Flow Meter]

    • Its size is   1/2 to 60 in.

    • Its working temperature range is Up to 1500 °F

    • Its flow range is   0.25 to 825,000 GPM

    • Its pressure range is Up to 9,000 PSI

    • Its accuracy is (uncalibrated) ±0.1 %, (calibrated) Up to ±0.5 %

    We supply Model SSM Venturi Nozzle Flow Meter that can be used in various industries and applications in the United Arab Emirates. Contact us for this Model SSM Venturi Nozzle Flow Meter in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, UAQ, Ajman &  Fujairah too.

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